• Manage all your rotations effortlessly in a highly optimized, easy-to-use interface that will make scheduling a breeze – no more spreadsheets!.
  • Automated preceptor notifications, schedule batch processing
  • Transparent communication with students on rotation updates removes unnecessary phone calls and emails.


  • The case log intuitive interface makes it easy to perform case log data collection with a user friendly mobile application.
  • Perform a data-driven data entry review through rich reporting features.
  • Allow students to view a graphical representation of unmet and met requirements.


  • EduRotations provides easy and flexible ways to evaluate preceptors, sites, and students
  • Single-click preceptor rotation evaluations; automated and configurable evaluation due date reminders
  • Statistics, reporting, and diagnostic tools for evaluations analysis.


  • EduRotations provides the unique capability of providing a preceptor availability matrix, allowing rotations administrators to have an overall view of rotation requirements match up to address any rotation vacancy slots.
  • Import the availability schedule into the Rotations Schedule and you are done!


  • Run a completely automated lottery process with a single or multiple phases to provide the highest possible level of satisfaction by providing best-case scheduling scenarios.
  • No more anxiety of planning a year-long rotations schedule, let the Lottery system handle the complexity of rotations’ slot allocations!
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  • Reduce time and effort in scheduling Rotations
  • Automated multilayered lottery process
  • Simple and intuitive user interface that needs no extensive training programs
  • Comprehensive all in one package that meets all your needs
  • Quick implementation process
  • Helps meet accreditation requirements
  • Track expiring documents/dates for preceptors/sites
  • Upload and manage documents for sites/preceptors
  • Students upload their own documents
  • Transparency in rotation changes eliminating communication hassles
  • Cloud based – no installation necessary
  • Preceptor availability on your fingertips



User-Driven Application

Student driven platform where students are able to rank rotation-sets according to their academic and personal needs

Mobile Options

Additional modules include the ability for students to log diagnostics and procedures and view their rotation details using mobile devices

Checkpoint Mechanism

Provides ‘CheckPoints’ along the lottery process, to ensure a clinical rotations scheduling that is smooth and error-free

On-TARGET Scheduling

Drastically reduce clinical rotations scheduling time and effort spent in managing rotations

Rotations Update History

Ability to keep track of rotations history or ‘Actions Taken’ for any given rotation

Advanced Search Features

Reporting system encompasses the most common rotations information queries, such as schedules, sites, and preceptors